Board Members

Robert Barney
President 2016-19
Kiera Liu
Kiera lives in the neighborhood with her husband, Frank, daughter, Wilhelmina, and their rescue pup, Cody. She is a lifestyle and documentary photographer and owner of Kiera Slye Photography. She loves supporting the small businesses in the South End, wine, puppies and babies. If all happen at the same time, she is the happiest woman in the world. She has served as Secretary for the CNA since joining in 2013.
Fabian D'Souza
Fabian D'Souza has served as the Treasurer of the Claremont Neighborhood Association since 2008. He moved to the neighborhood in May of 2004, after completing a renovation of his property on Wellington Street with the help of his friend, Jim Gronemus. Fabian is the Founder and President of Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. a dedicated health care and life sciences consultancy that provides services in strategy, health economics and outcomes research and medical communications to a broad selection of clients. In addition, consultants in the firm also provide regulatory and investment banking expertise. In their spare time, Fabian and Jim enjoy the company of Sam, a particularly vocal and opinionated 18 year old cat, who seems to have firmly decided that they should be his pets!
Scott Lush
Crime Prevention and Alerts Committee Chair
Cecilia Levin
Arts & Culture Committee Chair
Ashley Stolba
Board Member
Katie Brown
Board Member
Steven Greenberg
Steven Greenberg lives with his wife, Debbi and their Westie, Boo, on Greenwich Park and is a recent addition to the neighborhood and the board. I lived in Boston in the late 70s and again in the mid-80s during a Medical Residency at Boston University Medical Center. I was absent for 25 years while we raised our 2 daughters in Newton and have returned to a revitalized South End. I am still learning about my new community and its evolving challenges. My goal is in some way to contribute to the betterment of daily life here.
Ann Hershfang
Advisor to Board
Ann Hershfang has lived in the South End for 50+ years with her husband Herb, raising 2 daughters who went to the local Bancroft elementary school. Now their eldest daughter Rachel lives upstairs with husband Wes Williams and two delightful granddaughters, Ellie and Claire, both at the local Hurley School. Most satisfying continuity. Locally, Ann helped defeat a 4-lane South End Bypass highway; designing the SW Corridor Park in its place; a citizen-created SE Traffic and Transit Plan in mid-1970s, adopted by the City, that narrowed Columbus Ave. by two lanes & widened its sidewalks, reversed cross streets to discourage thru commuter traffic, and much more; designing, maintaining, enjoying Titus Sparrow Park. Her career includes being on the Massport board, Masspike board, Undersecretary of Transportation in the Dukakis administration. In 1990, she co-founded WalkBoston, the nation’s first pedestrian advocacy organization, still marching along.