CNA greenery greatly enhances the livability of the neighborhood. The CNA encourages residents to take an active role in caring for our trees and plantings by following advice offered by the city’s arborist:


  • Water new trees once a week for the first two years, preferably in the morning. Unless there is ample rain, being watering in April and continue through the summer, tapering off when the leaves begin to fall. Trees require 10 gallons of water per week. If there is a tree “gator”, make sure it is filled. If you use a hose, run it at low pressure for about 30 minutes. Older trees don’t require watering except when there is a severe drought.
  • Do not build up soil so that it covers the flare of the tree. Smothering the flare and roots may cause a tree to die.
  • Mulch the tree pit, using hemlock or pine bark mulch, to a depth of no more than two inches. Do not add other materials to the tree pits.
  • Planting perennials, bulbs or other annuals in the tree pit can benefit the tree. Hosta, vinca, pachysandra are hardy alternatives. When planting, be careful not to damage the tree’s roots.
  • Protect trees from dogs, bicycles and cars by installing a tree fence or guard. Advice on installing tree guards is available through the BHCA office, 617­-227­-1922.
  • To report a tree that needs pruning or replacing, please call both the Parks Department, 617-635­-7275.
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