“walk through” of the SouthWest Corridor Park with State & City officials on 8/27/2020

CNA participated in a “walk through” of the SWCP with State & City officials on 8/27/2020 
Claremont Board members participated with State and City officials Thursday, 8/27, regarding concerns raised about the Southwest Corridor Park’s safety.  The “walk through” purpose was to raise awareness and seek support and improvements from both State and City officials.  CNA residents have raised the following concerns about the park: Drug Usage in Park  Drug Procurement and Sale  Encampments  Encampment Debris  Human Waste  Needed Clarity of Ownership between the City and State for problem reporting and resolution. Park Lighting Issues  The tour was organized by Claremont Neighborhood Association, PMAC, St. Botolph Neighborhood Association, Tent City, and the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy.  Fasia Sharif, City of Boston Neighborhood Liaison to the South End/Bay Village and Cory Amzon, Legislative, Aide to Jon Santiago. arranged the meeting. 

Key State and City Participants of the tour include: State Representative Jon Santiago  City Councilor Ed Flynn  Boston City Council President Kim Janey’s Chief of Staff Samuel Hurtado   City of Boston’s Liaison for Homelessness James Greene  City of Boston’s Director of Recovery Services, Jen Tracey  Special Assistant Mayor’s Office Kim Thai (Mass/Cass 2.0)   Massachusetts State Police  Unfortunately, MA Department of Recreation and Conservation (DCR), who owns the care and control of the park, cancelled their participation the day of the tour. Jon Santiago’s Office will reach out to DCR to schedule a second walk through.  DCR is responsible for care and control of the park. 

Some actions and solutions offered during the walk included:  Replace lights along the Southwest Corridor that are not working. Increase lighting at Copley Place across from Tent City.  Prune hedges that are overgrown and create opportunities for sheltering for drug use, encampments, or stashing personal items.   Increase Mass Police patrols along the corridor. Improve communication of problems between the city and state resources that support the park.  Mass & Cass 2.0 Initiative acknowledged the burden that has been placed on our neighborhood by the homeless, drug addicted and mentally ill, which is exacerbated by the pandemic.  They are looking for ways to alleviate the burden on the South End and adjoining neighborhoods.  Please respond to this email with concerns or suggestions we have not noted in this email so we can escalate to the appropriate officials. 

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